Managing the main page in the most effective way usually takes a lot of time. To design your main page with maximum efficiency and the lowest time costs use our «Widget on the Main page». To activate click “Overlay widget” button and wait until your main page is fully loaded.

Our “Widget on the Main Page”  shows you:   

1. The total amount of clicks from your main page. 

It works with different timeframes - 10 minutes, 1 hour, a day. You may choose one of them according to the articles’ rotation frequency

2. Which articles on the main page have the largest amount of clicks?

Markers next to the articles show you the current position of the article among the other publications. 

  • Green markers mean that the articles are popular and receive lots of clicks (top 20% of articles by Clickability)

  • Red markers mean the opposite - the articles are not popular among your audience and visitors rarely click on them (low 20% of articles by Clickability)

  • Grey markers highlight everything in between. “Grey” articles could be less popular now, however, show potential with its increasing trend. Of course, if the trend is decreasing, you could consider rotating or replacing it with another one. 

Note the arrows by the digits on the markers. They show you what is happening with the article at the moment: arrows are pointing upwards - your article’s clickability is growing, arrows are pointing down - Clickability is decreasing. 

By using these arrows and markers you will make your main page as appealing to your audience as possible. The main rule is to fill the top of your main page with “green” articles to increase the number of clicks and a total number of pageviews eventually. 

3. Article’s clickability trend

If an article has an increasing trend, the interest in the subject is growing and people tend to click on it. You might consider moving it upper to expand its viewability. If the trend is decreasing you could try to replace it with another one in which Clickability is growing. 

Trends will help you to choose between articles with a similar Clickability rate, as those with a positive trend will bring you more clicks in the future. 

4. Recirculation rate 

Recirculation rate - the percentage of readers who didn’t bounce after clicking on the article from the main page.

You can identify the best articles by a number of clicks, but also improve your site’s depth by placing articles with the highest recirculation rate on the top.

If any questions left, feel free to contact our support team via the chat 😉

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