There are many ways you could approach content performance. Most of the methods that are used by the newsroom have close ties to digital goals, meaning that content performance is always compared to a specific set of reference values. Quite often there is too much of the quantitative aspect, while not that many consider engagement a Key Performance Indicator (KPI). Why is it so important? Here are a few reasons:

- It is crucial to know how people read. A healthy way of retaining our audience is paying attention to their first experience. Studies show that it’s quite common for new audiences to read through no more than 1 article. Funny thing is that even though this audience accounts for the majority of new sessions, it actually generates just a little over 30% of total new pageviews. Understanding the reading patterns allows you to offer the best-flowing stories to all users and increase the engagement. Engaged users have a much higher chance to recirculate deeper into your website.

- Different topics, article writing styles and sizes result in different engagement metrics. Short stories that fit in one screen will definitely increase the average readability and decrease average engagement time compared to longreads that would normally decrease your overall readability and increase total engagement time. It makes total sense to evaluate different content types separately from each other and consider having a different set of engagement KPIs.

- Editing content to ensure articles meet required standards is key to keeping up with digital goals. Use Readability together with engagement time to get an estimation of reading behavior, e.g low readability and adequate average time indicate sticking in the beginning of the article. High readability and low average time represent low-attention reads (due to absence of interactive content or it’s abundance. People skip through articles to see there’s too much text, or by just looking at the pictures without reading). Low readability and low engagement time are often indicative of clickbait or sensational content, which should be avoided at all costs.

Getting engagement data with IO Technologies is very easy. Here are some options you have:

- Engagement stats displayed next to each article

- Average engagement values are shown in the top right corner of Articles dashboard

- Drilling down into article stats reveals a scroll funnel and average time indicator

Article drill-down page

- Applying session - level filters updates engagement data for each article as well as average stats for the chosen filtered segment:

For more details about the engagement, make sure to check out our Recirculation / Session depth research below:

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