First of all we made our new platform faster and much more reliable for Editorial teams. A great part of updates are under the bonnet, still we have a few new features as well as some design updates. All of them are listed below. 

  1. Basic reports

  2. Segmentation

  3. New parameters for segmentation 

  4. Geography

  5. Arranging from best to worst and vice versa 

  6. Link to website

  7. Unique visitors

  8. Export

  9. FB actions

  1. Basic reports

  • Home and Articles reports are now united under a single Editorial dashboard. It is the first page you see after you log in to IO dashboard.

  • You can find Authors, Sections and Sources reports under the tabs in Editorial Dashboard:

2. Segmentation

In the previous version, you were able to use only one parameter to create a segment and now their number is not limited. Choose any options in the left panel:

You even can choose data from other reports to create a segment. For example, let's pick a few names in the Authors tab: 

Then choose a few Categories:

Then come back to the Articles tab and see data only for the Authors and Categories we picked before: 

You can even add more filters from the left panel. We added a few more parameters there, please read more in the next section.  

Segmentation by several parameters is available only in Pro dashboard package

3. New parameters for segmentation 

3.1. Domains
If your website has a few domains, they will be listed under this filter. For example, and
Or if each Category has its own address:,,, etc.

3.2. User type

  • New user is a user who did not visit the site in the previous 30 days

  • Constant user is a user who visited the site at least once in the previous 7 days

  • Returned user is a user, whose last visit was in the period between last 7-30 days

3.3. Devices
Desktop, mobile and tablet. 

3.4. Platforms
This is where your content is published: website, Google AMP, Facebook Instant Articles, Application.

3.4. Authors groups
Authors groups moved from the Authors report to the right tab.

4. Geography
We can start collecting data about countries and cities your visitors are coming from. According to GDPR we need to sign an additional agreement to be sure data is safe. Please contact us if you need geography data.

5. Arranging from best to worst and vice versa
To arrange all the articles by any metric point to the needed column and click on the arrow. This will arrange all the articles from best to worst. Second click will arrange all the articles from worst to best. 

It's available for Pageviews, Average time, Readability and Recirculation.

6. Link to website
Now it's on the left side of the Articles block. Just point to this area and will appear: 

7. Unique visitors
Can be added by request. If you do not see Unique visitors in your dashboard please drop us a line - we will add it shortly. 

8. Export is moved here:

8. FB actions
Are not yet in the dashboard but will be added soon. 

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