Article type - parameter that is set on your side, divides all the articles to groups and can be of any value. For example, 'news', 'longread', 'opinion'.

Articles - list of all articles that had at least one pageview for the selected timeframe with the most viewed one on the top of the list

Author - the name of an editor or a journalist who created the article

Average time on slide - time users spend on each slide on average (in seconds)

Average time on video - time users spend watching the video on average (minutes + seconds)

Avg time - average time users spend on all articles of the website within the selected timeframe

Block CTR - number of clicks on block divided by the number this block appeared on users' screens х100%

Block name - name of the block on the home page that is set on your side and can be of any value

Constant readers - loyal people who come back to your site again and again

Current readability / current recirculation - average finished reading / recirculation for all the articles on the website

Depth - number of pages users go through on average. This number indicates how interesting the website content is to users, making them stay and click through links.

Devices - desktop, tablet or mobile devices your readers use to visit your website

Direct traffic - readers who use browser address line or favorites to access the website; also includes all other unaccounted arrival types (e.g. e-mail software, some messengers)

Finished reading/Readability - percentage of visitors who scrolled the text to the end

Gallery entries - shows how many times the gallery was opened

Gallery open rate - share of users who saw the gallery and opened it

Live - real-time mode showing the events on the site within last 60 seconds

Main page traffic - pageviews made from the main page

New publications only - shows only articles published within the selected timeframe in calendar

New readers - users who are new to your website, meaning they didn't visit it within last 30 days

News traffic - traffic generated by news aggregators (Google news, Apple news, etc.)

Other pages - all the pages of the website except the Main page

Page CTR (click-through rate) - total number of clicks on articles on the page divided by total number of pageviews and multiplied by 100%

Pageviews - total number of website pages viewed during the selected timeframe

Platforms - this is where users read your articles - website, mobile version, Google AMP, Facebook instant articles, mobile apps

Published articles - the number of articles published during the selected timeframe

Recirculation - the percentage of users who read one article and then proceeded to another website page, meaning not leaving the site

Referrals - visits via links placed on other websites

Scroll depth - shows how far do people scroll the article, 100% means all users scroll the text to the end. Note that the metric is related not to the whole page, but only for the article.

Search engines - Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo, and others

Search traffic - traffic that comes from search engines

Section/category - thematic sections that are used on the website

Sessions - 1 session lasts for 30 minutes. This means all website entries made by one user within 30 minutes are considered as one session; an entry made after 30+ minutes from the last entry will be considered as a new session for this user. 

Site average - the average value of this metric for all the articles on the website

Slide - one image of the gallery

Social actions - the total number of shares in social networks (ex. reactions, comments and shares on Facebook)

Social networks - Facebook, Twitter, VK etc.

Source groups - sources from which users visit website pages. These are: Social, Search, Referral, Direct, News, Main page and Other pages.

Subcategories - structural parts of a category. Not all websites have subcategories.

Time average -  time users spend on 1 page

Top source - the source that brings this article the higher number of pageviews

Uniques - number of unique visitors during the selected time period

User type - groups all website users can be divided by, for example free, trial, and subscribers

Video finished - share of users who watched the video to the end

Video launch - how many times the video was launched, including the autoplay

Video length - how much time does it take to watch the full video

Video started - share of users who started watching the video

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