We turned on "Facebook pages" report and noticed that the number of certain posts reaches differs from the number in Facebook itself. Why? 

Even though the report is turned on, some time is needed to synchronize all the data. IO report collects data from the moment the report was turned on while Facebook shows the total number for all the time. Also, make sure you are comparing data for the same timeframes. 

Why is the number of reaches higher in Facebook than the one for the same timeframe in IO report?  

The reason is the difference in calculation algorithms. In Facebook statistics, Reach metric shows the general number of visitors during a day. Reach in IO is the visits' sum of all the posts. 

We made a post in Facebook seven days ago and now I see that Reach number is higher than the one in IO. Why is it so? 

Facebook statistics shows data for all the time without an opportunity to brake it by days or weeks. In IO report you may choose any timeframe. By default, todays numbers are shown. To choose any other timeframe, please use a calendar in the upper part of your dashboard. 


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