Integration with Facebook pages was designed to analyze trend reaches, content vitality, negative reactions, number of clicks and also the dynamics over long periods of time. If you have several Facebook accounts, you can integrate all of them to the same report. 

You can find the "Facebook pages" report in the SMM block. If you haven't set up the report yet, but would like to test it - please contact your manager or let us know via chat.

Let's go through all the metrics in the report. The main block looks like this: 

  • Reach - the total number of reaches of all posts for the chosen period of time. It is compared to the same period in past (a day to the same day a week ago, a week to a previous week, etc.). 

  • Link clicks - the total number of clicks, including the number of clicks on links in posts and also on links in page description.  

  • The number of posts - the total number of all new posts for a chosen period of time. 

Below you can find total numbers of users interaction with your content: 

  • Reactions - the total number of all reactions to posts. If you hover over it, you will see types of reactions:

  • Negative - the total number of negative reactions, including clicks on such buttons as "Hide this post", "Hide all posts of this page", "Report the page" and "Unfollow". 

  • Engagement - the total number of comments and reposts of those who have seen posts. 

Below you can find all the same metrics - reach,  link clicks and reactions broken by all publications. The list of publications can be filtered by such metrics: 

  • time of publication (the most recent posts are on the top)

  • number of reaches 

  • CTR -  the number of clicks decided by number of impressions 

  • reactions 

  • the number of negatives 

  • engagement 

If you integrate several Facebook accounts, you can see a general performance of all the pages in All page views tab: 

If you have any questions about the report, please contact our support team, they would be happy to help. 

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