The report helps to analyse performance of your subscription model. It allows you to define which articles, authors, categories and sources bring the most valuable pageviews - the ones that end up buying a subscription.

General view:

The main graph consist of 3 parts:

  • at the left you have key metrics with total numbers:

  • you have graphical representation of this data on the central graph:

  • and ¬†total revenue data at the right:

The list below provides you with detailed information for each metric in articles breakdown. To change the representation, pick another breakdown from the menu at the left. Additional sorting options are available in the right menu.

To get more information for selected item, hover your mouse on the paywall rate. You'll get the description funnel of users behaviour in the popup. 

For example, on the screenshot above we see that there were 100 views of closed article and 90% of them scrolled down to the button "Buy subscription", 55% of them clicked on that button.

Basing on the stats from the report you'll be able to make data driven decision on any changes in your strategy.

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