Sometimes you need to see important information right here and right now.  That is why we developed a tool for you that will help to get vital numbers without leaving the website - Overlay widget

There are two types of the overlay:

  1. for the Main page  (covered in another article

  2. for Articles

To activate both of them you need to click on "Widget Link" in your dashboard:

Here's what Widget for Articles consists of:

  1. Main block with basic data of the article's performance for today and the "Details" button that takes you to the dashboard (at the bottom)

  2. The scrolling map shows you the percentages of how people read your article from the top to the bottom (at the left)

  3. Switch button to turn the widget on/off (in the upper right corner)

You may use it to monitor the article's performance and drive prompt decisions about changing the layout, placing it on the main page, or posting it on social networks.

Feel free to contact us via the chat, if any questions left 😉

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