A/B Headline testing provides you the possibility to test multiple headlines for the article in order to find which one will most likely receive the greatest number of clicks and engagement. 

To start the test, click  "Widget link" button on your dashboard. 

After the main page is fully loaded, click on the widget bubble near the headline you'd like to work with, and the pop-up will appear.

After you chose the "Headlines" tab, you can type custom headlines under the original one. When typing the headline, the preview of the headline will be available for you, so you can see how well it fits the page. 

In order to start the testing, click "Start test". The website server will publish the different titles for visitors. Displayed headlines will be divided proportionally between the audience.

The testing automatically stops when the Winner is assigned. The test automatically stops in 60 minutes in case no winner is assigned. In case the testing gets enough metrics to assign the Winner, it may stop at any given point of time and the winner will be assigned. 

However, you can stop the testing at any time you want (both from Widget and from your dashboard). 

If the custom headline wins in the end, the system will show it automatically for all users on the main page. Otherwise, the original one will be shown. The winner is determined by the value, which is calculated based on the following indicators:

  • click-through rate

  • recirculation

  • average time on page

In the "Headlines tests" section of your dashboard you can find detailed information about all completed tests. You can also use the calendar at the top to variate timeframes you are interested in. The overall performance is shown on the right side of the report, which includes information about the number of pageviews and minutes gained compared to the original headline.

Should you have any further questions or need any clarifications, feel free to contact us.

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