In case your website contains videos, IO provides you with the ability to review the insights using Video report. Video dashboard is a part of Editorial reports and provides the possibility to get instant access to the video performance. 

Video dashboard provides the ability to review the results for 6 main time periods and for custom time frames upon using calendar. You may choose either by clicking on it. In case of calendar you need to pick the start date, the end date and press "Apply".

Video dashboards contains two main blocks: 

  • Timeline, which indicates the number of video launches for every 5 minutes, total number of video launches for the chosen time frame and average time on video; 

  • List of videos with details about each one. 

More precise information can be found in the list of the videos, which can be segmented based on the best / worst video launches, average time on video, started and completed rates. 

The list displays the information about: 

  • Total number of video launches for the chosen time frame; 

  • Average time spent on the video;

  • Timeline with video views for specific video; 

  • Preview of the video with the indication of the video length; 

  • Started rate (including autostart); 

  • Completed rate - percent of the visitors, which finished watching the video. 

IO compares the average time on video with the video duration. In case the average time on video is much lower than the video duration, the user will be notified about it, as the color will change to red. 

The same logic is applied to started and completed rates. In case the rates are much lower than the average, the indicator will change to red. 

In case you need to review additional information about the video, please choose the specific video and click on it. IO will provide you with more precise insights, such as: 

  • Detailed video timeline with the video launches; 

  • Sources for the video launches;

  • Started rate; 

  • Average time on video; 

  • Completed rate. 

Detailed report provides the insights on video launches by device and the sources for the video launches (the articles, which include the video). 

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