The page clickthrough rate (CTR) is the number of clicks divided by the number of page views. 

IO delivers a separate set of reports to keep track of the Pages CTR for the Main page. 

Pages CTR has 3 main time periods (last 10 minutes, last hour and today) and a calendar. You may choose either by clicking on it. In case you would like to choose calendar you need to pick the start date, the end date and press "Apply". 

IO provides the visibility on all subpages and domains in the Pages CTR report. 

The list of the articles in the report is based on the best / worst: 

  • Views of the specific link from the main page 

  • Clicks of the specific link from the main page

  • Video launches (if any)

  • CTR of the specific article from the main page (clicks divided by views, %)

CTR of the specific article compares the results for position CTR for chosen period with the average CTR of the specific position to the same timeframe for last days. 

  • In case the results are underperforming, the color of the results will change to red. 

  • In case the results are performing better than average, the results will become green. 

In case today is chosen as the time fame, the list provides with the possibility to click on the article to see its historical information according to a specific position. 

To the right, the report provides the speedometer dashboard, which shows the total main page CTR compared with average rate. The dashboard also shows the maximum percentage at this time. 

In case the CTR rate for the specific time frame it too low compared with the average results, the speedometer will change the color to red. 

The CTR details can be also filtered based on the block. 

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