DoubleClick doesn't support per-URL reporting by default. With a few actions from your side, IO can report revenue in real-time for every article, author and section.

Here's what you have to do:

1. Add service account user

Make sure API access is turned on.
Under admin ->  Global settings -> Big green button “Add a service account user”. 

 There you should put ANY name and this email: 

choose Role “Administrator (DFP only)”. 

We need DFP admin rights for service account because:

a) We have to push key-value pairs (otherwise, DFP won’t report on non-created or non-targeted key values) 

b) We have to delete and re-push key-value pairs (otherwise, we will reach key-values storage limit)
Please also provide your network ID, which is located on the top-right corner of your DoubleClick dashboard.

2. Create a key named post_url_sha1:

Inventory -> Key values -> Add key

Here's the screenshot:

3. Assign key-value with article URL to every ad unit on the page 

For us to start getting data once API is set-up - we need to assign key-value with article URL to every ad unit on the page through "setTargeting" dynamically.



Where hashed_url is "hostname+pathname" hashed using sha1 algorithm. 

Reason why it needs to be hashed is due to DFP limitations for key values, where it should be shorter than 40 characters.

in case you use Sync rendering, this command has to be placed BEFORE these commands:



4. Notify IO team about the set up

Once settagerting is created, let us know and we'll start collecting per-article, per-section, per-author revenue. 

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